The Frame and Murder on the 13th Green. The Peter English, PI Mystery Series. Released Sunday, 1/28/18, 
e-book & books to soon follow.

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     Murder on the 13th Green, the newest Peter English, PI Mystery novel was released Sunday, 1/28/18, on Amazon as e-book and paperback.
     The Frame, the first novel was
re-released the same day with a new cover and a few surprises inside.
      Both books are set in Memphis, TN, during the post WWII 1940s. If you like old, black & white film noir crime movies of the 1930s, '40s and '50s, you will enjoy these novels.
     Murder, mayhem, action, humor, a little romance and fast moving dialogue, mixed with historic buildings, events and local color of the 1940s. I enjoyed the research almost as much as I did writing these books.
Go ahead fact check me. I dare you.
     The Main Street Murders, third in the series, will be released later this year. 
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